In the very core of Salt Lake City, two special downtown blocks serve as a mirror. Just a handful of acres of land hold more than 150 years of the Utah story. On planners' maps, they're known as Salt Lake City Blocks 75 and 76. But to generations who have worked, lived and played along their streets, Blocks 75 and 76 are a world unto themselves.

Once there were farm homes, then mansions. Utah's first department store was there, as was the largest newspaper, clanging public railcars, a nationally renowned theatre that hosted the era's most famous stage performers.

In later decades, the blocks were home to two malls and a variety of businesses. All would come and go as one vision of downtown gave way to another.

Salt Lake City: A Downtown Story aired on PBS Station KUED in March 2012.

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Salt Lake City: A Downtown Story
Producer/Director: Issac Goeckeritz
Writer: James Findlay
Narrator: Mike Matheson
Running Time: 26 Minutes